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Why a Self-Esteem Group or Workshop?

A few of the reasons I decided to put together a self-esteem group/workshop are the global influence self-esteem has in all areas of our lives, how oversimplified it is talked about in popular media and how much it can actually change if you decide to work on it. Hence this blog post and the upcoming workshop.

Self-esteem is defined as our disposition to experience ourselves as capable of handling life's challenges and being worthy of happiness, respect, love, etc. In other words, our ability to tackle life and also enjoy it. With that in mind, there isn't a thing I can think of that wouldn't be influenced by our self-esteem. Especially if we keep in mind that it is more than a feeling. How we feel about ourselves is only a part of it. Self-esteem is also what we think of and how we relate to ourselves; which in turn influences how we think, feel and relate to others.

As you can imagine, I (and most therapists) have a hard time seeing complex psychological concepts being oversimplified. Some of the popular recommendations are invitations to say daily mantras & to "just love yourself". There are a few problems with those recommendations, they're short-lived, they feel fake, the implementation is vaguely explained, etc. Many times, the suggestions are basically to behave how you would if you already had high self-esteem. The issue is HOW do we get there. So the point of the self-esteem group is to understand what makes up self-esteem and to create an action plan applying these principles in a way that fits your personal narrative.

I will give you a bird's-eye view of self-esteem and activities to help you zoom in on some areas that are typically brought up in session when people come for self-esteem therapy. We'll cover the imposter syndrome, not being able to communicate what & how you want, understanding the inner critic, finding your life's purpose, overworking, overpleasing, fear of intimacy, or the inability to enjoy peace and quiet regardless of how much you crave it, etc.

This self-esteem group/workshop is my first attempt to make such important topics accessible to more people and to create a supportive community where we can have meaningful discussions about psychological growth. A refuge of acceptance, peace and collaboration. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. Don't forget to register on Eventbrite!

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