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Therapy For Anxiety And Low Self Esteem

Therapy can benefit everyone. Of course, that encompasses significant trauma, like childhood emotional neglect, but it also encompasses anxiety, low self esteem, and malaise.

Put plainly, please do not hesitate to seek help. If you are feeling anxious, uneasy, or simply off, then it is the perfect time to talk to someone. No problem is too big or too small.

Learn more about anxiety and low self esteem below.

What Is There to Know About Anxiety?

Anxiety is extremely common. Up to 40 million Americans 18 and up struggle with chronic anxiety. The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable. With appropriate care, it is very plausible to mitigate symptoms of anxiety and feel tangible relief.

What are the symptoms of anxiety? Anxiety manifests differently in everyone. You may have difficulty focusing, feel nervous, tense or restless, and dread big changes or even day-to-day tasks. Physical symptoms include an elevated heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing, trembling, and/or difficulty sleeping.

A counselor will help you work through anxiety symptoms and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Until then, there are a few important things to know:

  • A lot of people are anxious. If you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone! Again, 40 million Americans experience anxiety. Nearly one in three U.S. men and women show symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in their lifetimes, and among those seeking depression help or treatment for depression, 50% also have anxiety.

  • People like their anxiety-ridden friends! Unfortunately, anxious adults assume the worst, particularly in social situations. The good news is that studies show these reservations and worries are unfounded. Research reveals that friends are especially fond of their anxious friends. People with anxiety are sensitive, in-tune with their emotions, and in-tune with the emotions of others, making them good companions.

  • There are plenty of resources to help you. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable. The reality is that just 33% of people suffering from anxiety seek any kind of treatment. By seeking anxiety treatment Miami residents can get relief and work with a therapist to mitigate anxiety symptoms in the future. If one particular strategy does not work for you, don't worry. Anxiety treatment is heavily nuanced, and there are several ways to tackle and overcome the symptoms of anxiety.

The Skinny On Low Self Esteem

Therapy for low self esteem is another popular treatment option. How many people suffer from low self esteem? According to research, as many as 85% of adults lack confidence! Therapy for low self esteem can help reverse that trend.

Low self esteem can affect our relationships, friendships, and work. According to NBC News, those lacking confidence earn less and take fewer financial risks (which results in less savings and less financial security in the long run). Therapy for low self esteem can help. Psychology Today describes a healthy amount of confidence as our "emotional immune system." Meet with a counselor to nurture and heal your emotional immune system today.

Anxiety and low self esteem are incredibly common. It is also incredibly common to leave these conditions untreated and suffer in silence. Break the silence. Contact Psych Bloom Counseling Services for more information!

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