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Intimacy & Relationship Counseling for Singles

Relationship Counseling & Relationship Coaching can heal and cultivate healthy, loving relationships.

Are You Having Trouble Finding A Partner You Click With?

Do you keep running into guys/girls who have no substance (or future) and only care about sex or money? Are you a successful professional who is tired of the sugar-momma/daddy scene and looking for a partner who is your equal? As you watch friends and peers get married, are you starting to feel like the “clock is ticking” for your own chances at happiness?

Perhaps past relationships have made you wary of betrayal, rejection, or abandonment, so you end up erecting barriers that keep potential mates at a distance. Or maybe you are so distracted with working long hours and the routines that make you successful that you don’t have the time—or energy—to connect with anyone.

Dating in Miami is not easy—partially because of the sheer number of options but also because many people merely use the city as a means to an end. Therefore, it’s not really a home or a place where you expect to make real connections. Instead, you’re likely busy navigating the plastic and superficial world of clubs and dating apps.

And when you are in a relationship, you are probably having trouble communicating your needs or setting healthy boundaries. In turn, you may be lashing out when you feel hurt to “hit back” at your partner rather than work on resolving issues together. On the other hand, maybe you’ve become so self-reliant that asking for help feels uncomfortable, so you shut yourself off altogether.

Finding the right partner is never easy, but the chaotic, self-centric lifestyle of living in the city can make it seem downright impossible. However, with my compassionate support and practical guidance, I believe you can find an intelligent, driven individual who is deeply caring and will value you for who you are inside. 

Many Obstacles Can Get In The Way Of Healthy Relationships

Relationship issues and challenges finding the right partner are extremely common. But for goal-driven individuals, the emphasis on success and wealth can shift the importance of relationships to the backburner. Even so, many relationship problems stem from early life experiences that shaped the way a person feels or connects in relationships—primarily through neglect and abuse.

For instance, if you were were raised in a neglectful environment, you may struggle to be genuine with partners because opening yourself up emotionally was never a part of the conversation growing up. If you were bullied or moved around a lot, you may never have had the chance to form safe, long-term relationships. Divorce, drug abuse, mental illness, or having to care for a loved one at an early age can all influence and, ultimately, distort how you see yourself in relationships. You may even be thinking, Am I good enough? Am I worthy of love? Is there something wrong with me? Many of these questions have their origins in early relationships.

So when you toss in the challenges of dating in a city like Miami, it can get understandably complicated. It’s hard to meet people organically—so the only resource is social media apps, which are nightmares in and of themselves! You might see someone in a coffee shop you connect with, only to lose them in the multitude of faces a minute later. Or you may struggle to validate yourself through success so much that you never give yourself a real chance at a relationship. After a while, the clock starts ticking louder.

Whatever your situation is, there is a way to end the cycle of dating the “wrong person” and find someone who meets your needs. With my help, you can reach your potential while learning how to build and maintain relationships that are both healthy and fulfilling.

Counseling Can Help Deepen The Connection In Your Relationships

Therapy offers an empowering opportunity to validate your experiences, understand your current struggles with intimacy, and overcome impasses in your relationships. We can also work on setting healthy boundaries, eliminating polar thinking, and learning how to say what is on your mind. However, like relationship coaching, counseling is about practicing as well as learning, which is why the therapeutic relationship can be so powerful. Working together with me, you’ll get to build and practice skills that you can use to enhance your relationships outside of sessions.

Because I can relate to many of the challenges my clients face, I offer a very compassionate and empathetic space in which to work on both yourself and any presenting relationship issues. I like to be humorous at times because I want to teach you how to laugh at yourself and see how crazy and exhausting the whole dating ritual is. However, I understand that progress is our overall goal, so you can also count on me to call out unhelpful behaviors and hold you accountable.

I like to work from the outside in—first, using a conversational method to discuss presenting issues, offer guidance, and collaborate on solutions. Then, we’ll begin to explore deeper aspects of your challenges, identifying negative assumptions about yourself and where that lack of self-compassion originates.

The nature of my approach to healing is, in part, psychodynamic—a fancy word for a tool that helps us bring the past into focus in order to validate the relationship between neglect and intimacy. I also rely on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions for identifying irrational beliefs and reworking any negative assumptions that may be impacting you in relationships. That may include, education and self-awareness, role-playing exercises, or mindfulness strategies.

Of course, our sessions don’t have to be linear. So if you want to work on setting healthy boundaries and developing better communication skills, we can do that. Or if you prefer to build upon a previous session’s work for deeper exploration and healing, I can accommodate you either way.

I know it can be a frustrating and lonely experience trying to find someone special, but if you work on being your best self, you will eventually attract someone who is right for you. In the process of improving your relationships, you can heal the wounds you have carried since childhood and finally repair your sense of self-worth and value. By learning to care for yourself graciously, you can feel good about yourself and worthy of the expectations you set for happiness and companionship.

Perhaps you are considering relationship counseling but still, have some concerns…

I’m not sure I have the time for relationship therapy.

Let’s be honest—you are the master of finding ways to make things work, whether it’s accommodating others, excelling at work, or maintaining your physical appearance. So there must be time somewhere to work on yourself. I understand that it can be frightening to be vulnerable and feel overwhelmed, but that’s what the therapeutic space is meant to embrace. Using our micro-relationship to practice skills in coaching sessions, you can gradually acclimate to making intimate connections on your own.

If I’m the master at making things work, why can’t I find success in relationships?

Being successful professionally and relationally are worlds apart, so it’s not really fair to compare the two. However, if you don’t know how to set boundaries and acknowledge your self-worth, you run the risk of losing yourself in another person, a career, or an unhealthy distraction either way. With my help, you can finally understand your history of relationships and where you were originally wounded to cultivate sustainable healing that goes far beyond attracting the right partner.

What if there is just something wrong with me?

Part of relationship therapy is about helping you to recognize that you are not broken—you are hurting. You don’t have to like your situation or be happy about what led to it. But understanding your story, how it makes you feel, and what that says about you is an empowering experience. It allows you to separate yourself from the things that happened and move forward with your life authentically. Over time, you can transform your pain into something that makes you wiser, more resilient, and more capable. 

Let Me Help You Heal Old Wounds And Discover New Possibilities

You don’t have to trade your individuality for a happy, healthy relationship. If you are committed to being your best self and are ready to open yourself to new opportunities and perspectives, I can help. Please call 786-366-6030 for your free, 15-minute consultation to see how coaching for relationships may be able to help you.


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