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Anxiety & Depression

If you're feeling stuck, constantly worrying, unmotivated, isolated, angry, afraid, sad, drinking or drugging, you might be experiencing a combination of anxiety and depression. I can help you reframe your situation, give you insight, provide the support you need to process your feelings and give you the tools to change things around. You'll stop sabotaging yourself, learn how to set boundaries, sleep better, quiet your mind, increase confidence and feel in control of your life and emotions. Schedule a consultation, today is a great day to start feeling happy. 

Life Transitions

New to the city? Going through a breakup? Changing jobs? Newlywed? If you are, you may be experiencing stress and difficulty adjusting to this new phase in your life. Regardless if this was your choice or not, change always brings with it a number of unpleasant surprises that make it difficult to bounce back.   With my professional help, you can learn to manage your time and energy,  build a new support network and get your emotional needs met as you reconstruct your life. You don't have to do it alone,  I can make that process smoother, help you rise to the challenge and embrace this new chapter in your life. Schedule a consultation today.

Childhood Emotional Neglect

Emotional abuse is very evident, but if you've been a victim of neglect your symptoms might have you very confused. You didn't have perfect parents but they meant well most of the time so you feel guilty saying any of what you're going through is their responsibility. However, you might not be living up to your potential, feel like you don't belong, feel uncomfortable in social situations, unable to enjoy success, have difficulty setting boundaries, judge yourself harshly, can't identify how you feel at times, struggle with self-discipline, it's hard to calm yourself, feel empty inside, etc. Therapy can help you understand and process your feelings, gain a sense of identity, become comfortable around others, enjoy emotional intimacy and achieve your full potential as you heal and get stronger. Your past doesn't have to determine the rest of your life. Don't wait a minute longer to experience joy and peace. Life is too short to wait. Schedule a consultation today. 

Relationship Issues

If you're single or in a relationship that's not meeting your needs but you are ready for a healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship, counseling can help.  I use EFT (emotionally focused therapy) to heal attachment wounds that get you stuck in repetitive arguments, breakups, feeling unsupported & unloved, etc. Either through individual therapy or couples counseling, we can get you to a place where intimacy and vulnerability feel safe. Our vulnerabilities, although scary, could be a great opportunity to strengthen your bond. Schedule a consultation today and give yourself the chance to open up to giving and receiving love. 


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