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Psychology Patient

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the most comprehensive service addressing ongoing concerns such as anxiety, relationship issues, sadness, anger, feeling stuck, low self-esteem, etc. Therapy is usually once or twice per week lasting for months or years. Therapy aims to change repetitive patterns, heal trauma and improve overall functioning level.


Couples Therapy

If you’re looking for quality Couples Therapy sessions that get to the root of problems, then you’ve come to the right place. I use EFT (emotionally focused therapy) to work with couples and help them understand and heal personal wounds within the process of couples therapy. These attachment wounds get us stuck in repetitive patterns with our significant other. In couples counseling we get you unstuck and attuned to each other again. You will be  able to ask and respond to each other's needs, to give & receive love.

On a Video Call


Access therapeutic services from the comfort of your home. If you have health concerns, are traveling or just have a busy schedule, Teletherapy is here to accommodate every lifestyle. Teletherapy is HIPPA compliant and very easy to use from a computer or smartphone. Most importantly, it gives you access to a clinician based on expertise without geographical restrictions.



Consultation is intended for clients who would like to address very specific topics in a short period of time or who would like to check in periodically to get a professional opinion about a particular issue. It's a great way to get centered and clear on how to move forward.

Support Group


Workshops are psychoeducational in nature. They are conducted in groups from 3-12 people over the span of a few weeks. Workshops serve to learn about different psychological topics, get tools, self-understanding and at times, to make friends.


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